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It’s been an interesting 6 months in the Book world, or at least interesting for us running our Buderim treasure, Books of Buderim. The economy has taken a tumble turn, which I believe Donald trump has put he’s fair share of effect on. The Sunshine Coast, while figures say is growing in population seems awfully quiet and the reluctance to stop and take some time for ourselves is alive and well. My observations only.

The Book choices people are making is also intriguing, but not surprising. We’ve had all star stand outs this last quarter from 2 books, The Barefoot Investor and The Clever Guts Diets (see below list of top Books sold recently).

The Barefoot investor offers insight into how we can make our finances work better for us. We work so hard in our jobs that we want to insure our salary or income is put to the best uses. The economy is difficult so we need advice on how to get the best value from our earnings. The has been a favorite purchase for family members wanting to inspire other family members and parent’s wanting to give their young ones a quick education on the art of managing your finances. I think this book will continue to be a great seller all the way through to Christmas because we all could use this advice.

The Clever Guts Diet has hit a nerve or should I say the gut. We all know that supermarket food, with all its sugars and preservatives is slowing killing us and the Gut is one of the biggest parts of our body being affected by poor diet. Can we increase our energy levels, our longevity and much more by looking after our Gut, apparently so. I’m into this.

As the cooler months show some need for cuddling up with a book, a collection of New releases in the Fiction and Crime areas has popped up. I am reading Ginny Moon, a most interesting character, in a novel that is fast paced and insightful with Ginny’s Autism. There’s many more out there and I am very intrigued by The Ministry of Utmost happiness.

So This week’s Top 10 Books sold by Independent bookstores around the country are……

Pos Title Author RRP
1 The Barefoot Investor:The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need Scott Pape, $29.95
2 The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, Arundhati Roy, $32.99
3 Wimmera Mark Brandi, $29.99
4 Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Elena Favilli, & Francesca Cavallo, $32.99
5 The Clever Guts Diet, Michael Mosley, $29.99
6 Not Just Lucky Jamila Rizvi, $35.00
7 The Trip of a Lifetime, Monica McInerney, $32.99
8 The World’s Worst Children 2 David Walliams, $22.99
9 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*Ck,:A Counterintuitive Approach to Liv Mark Manson, $29.99
10 The Dry Jane Harper, $16.99