Why would I join a Bookclub? November 22, 2016 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , ,

I can hear you, bookclubs are for those that read books. Well yes there is that but there is so much more to get out of a book club. I have seen some marvellous things happen as a result of a gathering of a bookclub.


To start you expose yourself to some books and reading that you may never have thought to try. I have read some books that I never would have picked off the shelf but loved and learned so much from. There are the books that you were not so interested in but that is part of the fun of the club. Discussing a book that some like and others did not can provide a lot of good juicy discussion. My reading interests expanded 100 fold after joining a bookclub and taking on new authors, styles and genres. I didn’t know there were so many interesting books and before the bookclubs, I mostly read Memoirs and previously fantasy. Memoirs interested me as I love learning about people and what they have done with their lives. But what I found in reading more fiction is the characters can be portrayed loosely on fact but the story development has no boundaries. It can make you cry or laugh or be amazed in a different way that memoirs do. The books you read will never be the same or limited after you’ve joined a bookclub.


So why else do you join a bookclub. Friendships blossom when you open up at a bookclub meeting. Discussion from the book inevitably comes around to people describing experiences they have had that are similar or contradictory to the book’s story line. It is an opportunity to understand other people’s point of view without judging or criticising. The whole idea of a bookclub is to respect that we don’t all agree on the ideas or topics raised in the book and discussion can become heated but not unfriendly. It is unusual in that there is nothing at stake, just the opportunity to express yourself and what you feel may be different to what others feel regarding the book or other related topics and that is okay. Actually it is stimulating and exciting to have a view point that are not expected. From these discussions you start to develop friendships and a good understanding about each other. I’ve seen people who would normally have never crossed paths due to different social groups but have so much in common when united over a book. These


Bookclubs can take the form of many types. There’s the traditional choose a book each month, with each participant taking their turn. There’s the bring a book each month that you’ve read and you discuss everyone’s book. I heard of examples of clubs that bring or choose a book each month based on a word or a colour or something obscure. The word might be love, or hatred or the colour might be blue or turquoise or something else. You then choose a book with this theme in mind. What I am trying to say is that book clubs come in many varieties and there is so many ways to enjoy the ideas of gathering people together to discuss books.


At Books of Buderim we started our adventure into Bookclubs with two instore and have expanded to four bookclubs now. We have a New Release Bookclub (6pm: 2nd Wednesday of every month –January excluded), Classics Bookclub (10am:1st Monday of every month – January excluded), the New Age Gathering (9:30am: last Thursday of every month) and the Book Proofers group (10:00am last Friday of every month). We’d love to explore a teenagers and YA bookclub in 2017. I’d also love to explore the idea of a literary chit chat. Not necessarily confined to a book but more to a theme. I would like to bring together like minded people to discuss various topics about the world. I would just like someone to volunteer to chair it so the ideas keep flowing, something I am not an expert at. As you can see the aim of the bookclub and groups is just to bring people together. This is what I dream of for the bookshop and with your involvement, this community bookshop can be a friendship base for anyone who loves a yarn or 2.