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gift giving at Books of Buderim

As we finish off another season of parties, gift giving and friendships, I wanted to reflect on on the act of gift giving. I believe there is an art to gift giving that has turned into a commercial mess. I’ve heard the statistics about how many gifts are received that are not used or appreciated and I think two things. Firstly, how can they get statistics on something like this but 2ndly and more important, what amount of thought went into the buying of the gift.


I received some fabulous gifts this year that not only tell me that I am well known but also that I am well loved. It is so important to give people the message of love and recognition of how much someone means to us at Christmas time. This is because it feels like one of the only times of the year that is dedicated to take a moment to feel gratitude for the people in our lives. Put the commercialism of Christmas aside and remember that we are giving and receiving because we have people in our lives that we want to appreciate.


So now on the soap box. A Gift is only as good as the thought that has gone into it. It does not have to be expensive or extravagant, it just needs to say, I know you well enough to know you will enjoy this. That is a massive feel good message for anyone who has received the a truly personalised gift. I received a travel coffee mug from a staff member that knows I love coffee, and knows I am always on the move. It was a perfect gift for me. But more importantly what her gift said to me was that I noticed you and I noticed what you love.

Now gift giving is risky. In this time of buy whatever you want, it is so hard to find an original gift. I don’t believe that it is as important as receiving a thoughtful gift. It doesn’t matter if you have a few of the item you love it is always nice to change it up and use something different.

Now I am going to tell you about a wonderful service I offered to a few people this Christmas and I was blown away by the outcomes. Time poor or those unable to go shopping came to me and asked for my gift selecting services in the bookstore. I was provided with 3 or 4 areas of interest for each person and I found them a book that suited those interests. The feedback I received about the gift selection totally blew me away. The book was so individualised for the person that it was like I knew them intimately. In a way I feel I did know them intimately with the information the customer gave me. I selected books that were a little special, a mixture of fiction, information and coffee table styles books. The beauty of my shop is that I cover all genres and have one of so many different books that it isn’t difficult to find a book that is special for that person only.


So this year I am going to expand into gift selling more. I got such joy out of knowing that a gift was so perfect that I want to offer more of this. I want to find a book that the receiver may never have thought of buying but gives them the perfect measure of what they love in  a book. Is this something you would find useful?