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What are you currently reading is a question I get asked regularly. Most of the time I am reading a proof of a book that won’t come out for at least another 2 months, so it’s hard for me to explain a novel that currently is not on the shelf to enjoy. This also means I am always reading books way ahead of when a review is useful. So this is why when I go on holidays I make a concerted effort to read some books that are not only currently popular but even some older treasures and this holiday was no different.


Heading off to Skiing and New York, you wouldn’t think I would get much reading done but between long flights, long nights of jet lag and a few exhausted afternoons before venturing out for dinner, I’ve managed to knock over a few books.


Here’s my holiday reviews, luckily I truly enjoyed all my book choices this holiday.


I’ll start with the most recent book I have finished reading: The Danish Girl By David Ebersboff. This book has two reasons why it was special to me. I came across it on my travels in New York. This lovely small bookshop on Madison Avenue was closing down the day I walked by so I made sure to go and visit and take some time to reflect on a historical moment for Manhattan. I was surprised at the wonderful books they had on sale that day. I could easily have walked out with at least 5 fabulous books that independent bookshops do so well. The owners were retiring but I felt so sad to think this beautiful bookshop will be no more.


This book was also special to me as I unconsciously seemed to have immersed myself lately in Movies, books, broadway shows and articles related to LGBT’s and am so moved by the strength of character in the fight they are putting up for a respected life we take for granted.  I can especially recommend the documentary “The Queen of Ireland” for anyone wanting understand what it takes to stand up for what you believe in.


Anyway on to my review.  The Danish Girl moved me in so many ways. The way David describes how Greta, the wife of Einar, shows her love of Einar by letting him be who he needs to be. The way Greta understand what Einar needs even when he doesn’t was beautiful. There is about 4 main relationships in the book and David describes them thoughtfully, you understands their feelings with descriptions that that under played.

Also the discussion about how Einar feels as Lilli and how he feels about the world knowing about Lilli was wonderfully written. It is a book with a clear message about society acceptance but also about loving our family so much, it can hurt. Now I need to find the movie to see if it is anywhere near as good.


I also read Music and Freedom by Zoe Morrison. This story begins with an older person trying to starve themselves, after a lifetime of human control and violence on them. All this in well regarded neighborhoods. We can have friends and even relatives that may be living a life of suppression and we can’t see or help. Frustrating.

I found it frustrating as I wanted Alice to run away and make a better life for herself. But Zoe has a wonderful way of explaining the way Alice felt so that another life just wasn’t an option. I just wanted Alice to find a voice.

I found the story depressing but felt compelled to continue to read. I find more uplifting books more to my liking but liked the style of writing with the way Alice described her life as a youth and then as she was older.

For anyone who loves music and likes to understand human nature and behaviors. Much to appreciate and understand about how humans interact.


The Rosie Project has been on my list of books to read for a long while and this holiday gave me the opportunity to read it and find out what everyone loves so much about it. s shows his clear understand of how a Autism spectrum person contributes to society and celebrates them throughout the novel. The life of Don is explained so well, I appreciated his longing for structure and even tried to implement so of his organized systems into my own life. I love the idea of perfecting a meal so well that not only is it better than a restaurant but it is always on hand and enjoyable. I realized that Don had some special systems that we strive for in our own lives and he is trying to reduce their effect in his life. It emphasized to me the differences we all have are important and should be not taken for granted or undervalued.


Now back to Book Proofs but follow me on Goodreads if you’d like to see what I am reading at the moment under my personal account Fiona Blond