Top Shelf Travel March 19, 2018 – Posted in: Blog, Books, Inspiration, Review

With Easter fast approaching and at least four days free to take some time out, it’s a great time to think about local areas to travel to and relax or get some fitness in and do a walk or hike in our beautiful countryside. Planning these short breaks seem to be last on our organization list but can have therapeutic benefits long after the holiday has finished. The house maintenance can wait, some time to recalibrate the mind and soul is an investment we could all do more of.

At the bookshop, I have what I refer to as my top shelf travel ideas. this is the shelf that contains ideas for traveling locally, south-east Queensland and for those up for a small flight, to NSW and North Queensland. These are the books that will offer you walks, rides, 4WD adventures, holidays with dogs and much more for those short breaks.

Top Shelf Travel, we have your short breaks covered in South East Queensland

What does your easter break look like

  • Walking through the pathways in surrounding national parks.
  • Taking the 4WD for a bush bash through untrampled forests.
  • Swimming in a lagoon in the middle of a nature reserve.Top Shelf Travel, we have your short breaks covered in South East Queensland

Here are a few book ideas to wet your holiday interests, this is the time to explore what beauty we have around us.

Where to Ride: South East Queensland

Top Shelf Travel Australia's Bucket list

This is a Fabulous ring bound book that contains a hardback map showing you where each of the rides is situated in the 3 regions. I would never have known so many rides were only a short trip away. There are details of the types of rides including reference to paths, off-road and challenging dirt trails. With over 270 pages of description and photo’s, you will be sure to find many inspirational rides



Australia’s Ultimate Bucket List

Complied by Jennifer Adams and Clint Bizzell of Channel 10’s Places we go series, features the best destinations across the country. Each feature highlighted has some great descriptions of what to see, what to do and what its like to travel in that area. Best of all Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island and Seventeen Seventy all get a terrific write-up. And don’t miss the Carnarvon National Park, number 6 on the top 10 Nature experiences in Australia. Considered one of outback Queensland’s absolute treasures offering Australia’s finest Aboriginal art. The 12 hours drive sounds like it would be worth the distance.

4WD Glovebox Guide

This is a real treasure of a book. I’d suggest you need to have this handy with you for any of your 4WD adventures. Everything from describing suspension, tyres, how to drive on rocks and other difficult terrains, recovery when hill climbs are attempted and failed, trip management and so much more. With all this detail and information contained in concise, easy to read formats, you will find yourself understanding this craft in no time. If you’re looking for some adventure this Easter, 4 WDing might be worth exploring. Even if you just love to get away from everything for a few days and read your next thriller, which we’d love to help you choose.