Top Craft trends for all ages in 2016. February 19, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Inspiration, Thoughts

Go Go Go, that’s what it seems like we all do. I run from appointment to appointment and plenty of catch-up in between. What is so important that I need to rush myself through the day, but still I do it? So when I make time for myself, Craft is something I find particularly fulfilling. I use my craft to decorate the store windows or frame pieces of artwork I have created. My craft always has a purpose, usefulness for it so I can convince myself that the time out is valuable. It doesn’t have to be like that, I am just the sort of person that needs to have an outcome for everything I do. I am not suggesting this will work for everyone.


So through owning a bookshop in Buderim, I see what are the latest trends in craft. Their are books of everyday interest with a lot of great new ideas and books on new fabulous craft trends. Here are the top craft trends that I have noticed of late.


  1. Adult Colouring books – lets get it out there nice and early in the piece. The colouring books that are coming out at the moment even rival “Secret Garden”. The intricacies of the designs, the details in the fairies or mandalas need to be seen to be appreciated. I adore sitting with my kids at a restaurant or spending a lazy afternoon at home colouring in the Cities in my cities of the world colouring in book. Sometimes the colours are a little mixed up but I feel great after a lovely colouring in session. Some good uses for colouring pages are framed pictures (a must), wrapping paper, part of a homemade card or a cover for a notebook. Can you come up with a few more?


  1. Paper Craft– I am amazed at the wonderful ways paper can be turned into something beautiful. Origami is a traditional craft that is having resurgence. It is a lot of fun to craft boxes, animals, planes and many other unique pieces. Through the use of paper you can always do something original. But origami is not the only use of paper for craft. I have a lovely book called “101 things to do with an A4 sheet of paper”, illustrated by Sarah Dennis. This provides templates to cut up to make many interesting things like paper teepee’s, paper house, Easter bunny garland and much more. The uses are endless and great for children and adults. For those ready to expand there paper craft skills we have a few lovely books including
  • 3D Paper Craft Projects by Sue Smyth
  • Papermaking – 25 creative handmade projects shown step by step by Elizabeth Couzins-Scott


  1. Jewelry Making – We all love having a unique and personalized necklace, earing or bracelet. The Rainbow band making craze brought back a interest in personalizing jewelry for kids. Now it’s our turn through the use of metal soldering. The options are endless to develop symbols and motifs on metals. The creations are as unlimited as your imaginations. The jewelry making books I have in store are terrific for idea generators and learning this skill in more detail. Look out for Simple Soldered Jewelry & Accessories by Lisa Bluhm

4. Sew it yourself – When I was a teenager I found great joy in sewing my own clothes. My clothes were always unique, always getting many lovely surprise comments “where did you get that from”. It is too easy and cheap these days to make your own clothes, although I would still suggest it for the therapeutic value. It is so satisfying to wear one of your own creations. But home sewing certainly hasn’t died off. Creating your own dresses for formals are very popular and worthwhile and economical. A stunning book in store at Books of Buderim is Sew Iconic – How to make 10 Classic Hollywood Dresses by Liz Gregory. It includes 10 Full size dress patterns. Your friends will have Marilyn Munro envy