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thesecretsshekeepsThe Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham

Loved this book  – by Pam.

The story is set in modern America, the interwoven tale of two women whose lives vary enormously. Agnes is on a quest for what she sees as the perfect life defined by a happy marriage, home and children. Meghan is living this supposed dream life but struggling. This all sounds a little mundane but very early in the story there is a hint of all not being right and I was hooked as the mystery and suspense built. One of these women is a stalker, damaged by cruel events from her past.

Mt Robotham  has skillfully alternated chapters about each of the two main characters throughout the book but this does not detract from the flow. I had trouble putting this novel down, the first by this author that I have read. I will definitely be searching out more of his work.

ForgottenForgotten by Nicole Trope

Overall a good read which will keep you interested all the way through  – by Julie

This is a very well written story from an Australian author – her 6th or 7th Novel. It’s a nail biting thriller which moves very quickly, has some very likeable characters as well as a couple of not so likeable ones. A story which could so very easily happen to any one of us.

It’s a story of marriage/relationships, mental health issues, and family problems generally. Malia, the mother, is the main character and is drawn extremely well; has 3 little children and a recalcitrant husband, Ben. After their youngest child, Zach is stolen from his baby seat outside a supermarket, the police officer in charge, Ali, comes to the incident and she has had a traumatic incident with a child of her own. Other main characters are Jackie with numerous problems and issues and the elderly Edna, who has quite a role in the story.

LostforwordsLost for words By Stephanie Butland

A book lovers treasure  – by Fiona

A compelling book set in a book shop, and all the characters it contains, including a very lost girl that has a past of trauma and finds peace with books over people. Your love of books will be sated in this novel with many literary references and a worthy inclusion of poetry.

Loveday, the main character wears her scars deep within of a traumatic childhood and gives any very little to those around her. There is a mixture of other characters that are intriguing and funny. The way the story weaves it way through from current day to Loveday’s past is brilliantly revealed and you just want to keep reading to see why she ended up where she has.

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