The Woman in Blue by Elly Griffiths March 16, 2016 – Posted in: Review

Contributed by Emily Nixon, Kay’s Mother in law

I really liked the way this book sets up a murder in the historical town of Walsingham, a magical place with a wonderful history, famed for its religious shrines to the Virgin Mary. It includes references to many famous people and their pilgrimages there for cures and favours (such as producing a son or curing an illness). They walked the long journey together, peasants and kings alike, to pray and give thanks for favours previously granted-King Henry VIII being the most famous for being granted a son (ironically, he also had some of the places destroyed in his dissolution of the monasteries when the Pope wouldn’t grant him a divorce, destroying the statue of the Virgin Mary). All of this history is intermingled here with the story of an anonymous letter targeting women priests, and then the murder of one of them. The race is on to stop more killings! Cleverly written and very absorbing, I couldn’t put it down. I liked it for its clever interweaving of history and contemporary times.