The Social Cookbook November 16, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Food – Tags: ,

What role does a cookbook still play in our cooking experiences? I asked this question as I look at my large selection of cookbooks I have available at the bookshop. I know there are many customers who love and devour their cookbooks and rightly so. The sheer attractiveness of a cookbook astounds me. The photography of food is detailed and sumptuous. I always walk away from a cookbook feeling hungry. The ingredients presented in such distinctly pretty ways is so inviting. And then there are the recipes. The bringing together of fresh ideas for new food flavours is inspirational. I always feel that a cookbook needs to be shared. Sitting around a table enjoying the photos of delicious food in a cookbook should be done in a group and ohh and ahh’s over together. I know my sister and many others purchase their new cookbook, grab their coffee and go and enjoy the half an hour if their lucky to delve into the cookbook.  I would just like to see the humble but oh so glorious cookbook make into a dinner party conversation piece. Wouldn’t you just love to sit together with other food lovers and talk and experience the joy of the recipes and food experimentation found in the cookbook. Imagine the discussions you can have as you pour over the ingredients list together and discuss the effect of the cumin on the chicken dressing and the balances of flavours in the Mexican fiestas. Discussing the difficultly of making exquisite pastry that melts in your mouth. So what I am suggesting is that the well-loved cookbook should become part of your dinner parties in an all-new way. Don’t relegate it to the kitchen for making the mastery creations, bring it out and share it among friends. It is a book that needs to be enjoyed together for all friends and family to share.


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