Check us out In SALT Magazine page 44 December 20, 2015 – Posted in: Inspiration, Thoughts

We are very excited here at Books of Buderim. We have a wonderful new advertisment going in the SALT magazine this summer. It captures the worlds you can escape to these holidays through books. Travel to another country, another time or into another soul through the written text. Make a new friend as the author opens up your mind to new people that are experiencing love and laughter, tears or scares.

Here at Books of Buderim we have a world of books for all interests and passions. The latest releases are front and center on our tables and bookshelves. We have all the popular authors that we know you love but we also stock some amazing books from the past five years, ten years and classic literature. We have short stories, novellas and every thing from 200 page to 800 page novels. For this we haven’t even left the fiction section.

For those of us, myself included, who have ever sat down next to someone and found out their story, you’ll know all the wonderful REAL tales there are available out there. Coupled this with magnificent story weaving and delving into someone’s real life, you’ll be immersed in the life of another person through our Non-Fiction section. The shark attack that brings about a life experience we can’t fully understand. The politician’s life story that allows us to understand the complexity of the political world they work in. You will find a story that is so much like you’re own or so distant from anything you know that you can’t help but experience it for yourself.

So bring the kids, the teenagers, and the lovers of passion, crime, and super natural. Come and explore all the amazing books that Books of Buderim offers. You may even find that sports, fitness, or cookbook that you’ve been looking for forever.

Take some time to enjoy all this local book shop has to offer. You’ll not be disappointed.