Romancing the Author March 19, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

A gathering of like-minded people is a wonder to be seen. The exchange of commentary about topics all are excited about is enlightening. Sometimes the connections of ideas and interests just work so well together and this is what I was lucky enough to experience and be part of recently. In the library at the Immanuel Lutheran College located in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, Romancing the author began. A group of well-recognized children’s and teen authors from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane came together to discuss their recently published book. With a larger group of school librarians, budding authors, and teachers gathered to listen to the what, why and how of these new masterpieces.

Who is the target audience, what is the theme and message of the story? What value to readers gain from the reading. The author discussed why they chose the theme and what drew them into the style and reason for writing the book.

We met Samatha Wheeler who talked about how her passion for Turtles became the story line after spending time in Mons Repos Turtle conservation. Issac, the 10 year old boy in the story is

helping his mum run the local caravan park but trying to protect the turtles. A local travel blogger is a treat to a good well run caravan park that could spell disaster to the family.

Lynette Noni ran us through where the Draekora series is going and why tears are a drawcard of the new book Graevale. Showcasing the new book due out later this year, Whisper, Lynette is keeping herself very busy. It was wonderful to see her again.



Finally meeting Taryn Bashford of “The Harper effect” was fabulous.

The Harper Effect talks about the trials and tribulations of putting yourself 100% into your passion. There’s love conflicts and sisterly conflicts and difficult decisions that are all part of growing up and learning about the world around us. No Harper is not perfect but the way Taryn explains the difficult situation Harper Finds herself in is insightful. I would be recommending it for my teenagers.

We are really blessed with the group of wonderful authors around us. The books they are introducing are unique and symbolic of the interests and needs of our current students and children.

MAKESHIFT GALAXY by Tash Turgoose.

Grace Beside Me by Sue McPherson

Peter Carnavas is a picture book author/illustrator who lives in the hills and spends his days drawing pictures, baking bread, playing Scrabble with his wife, reading to his daughters, walking his dog and listening to music.

The Elephant by Peter Carnavas

Amazing Australians in their Flying Machines by Prue & Kerry Mason

One Photo by Ross Watkins

One Photo by Ross Watkins

Ross Watkins & Peter Carnavas

The Lion in Our Living Room by Emma Middleton, illustrated by Briony Stewart


Yay! It’s Library Day Book by Aleesah Darlison