Relaxing in Whistler January 19, 2018 – Posted in: Blog, Inspiration, Review, Thoughts

Sitting here watching the snow fall, nursing a cold in the Whistler Library I’m reminded of the wonderful world of books and what they can offer in so many ways.

I’ve tried meditation, yoga, walking (which I still power on with) swimming, gym classes, drinking and many other ways of relaxing but the feeling of sitting in a library distilling my thoughts grabs me like no other relaxation. It grounds me and makes me feel enveloped in knowledge and information. It reminds me that there are so many paths to explore in knowledge through reading. I have always found non-fiction to provide the most direct, easy to digest form of knowledge building. But recently (the last 2 years) I have been reading a lot of fiction and realise that there is so much to learn in reading Fiction and it’s even more enjoyable to learn it through the eyes of someone else’s imagination.

I’ve just finished the book “The Immortalist” which has many issues discussed in it including AIDS, war, fortune telling and others. Taking on board these issues through the lives of people and the characters makes it so much more understandable and genuine in its depth of pain that these issues uncover. Just to read about them in non-fiction can sometimes provide a one-dimensional understanding but through fiction, it can be so much more embracing. Okay, I am generalising and there is some wonderful non-fiction out there that touches your soul like “When Breath becomes Air”.

The thing with fiction is that you don’t exactly choose what you will learn about, you choose what you believe the book will offer you. But a description on the back of the book won’t describe each issue or each idea covered in the book. You have to learn to be grateful and take each idea as something new and appreciate it for its unexpectedness.