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The Pearl-Shell Diver ,

By Kay Crabbe.

Engaging and authentic historical fiction about one boy from the Torres Strait trying to work his way up in the pearl shell industry.


Sario lives with his family on a remote Torres Strait island, which he never wants to leave – but the winds of change are stirring. The year is 1898 and the pearl-shell trade is at its height. When his father is coerced to join a white trader on his pearling lugger, thirteen-year-old Sario must go to work as a swimming diver to support the family. He can earn more as a pump diver, and is excited by the idea of walking on the sea floor, but the competition is fierce, and the only captain who will take him on runs the worst outfit in the fleet. With the constant danger of shark attack and the storm of the century approaching, can Sario provide for his family and realise his dream?

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