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The Answer

By Allan and Barbara Pease

In The Answer you will learn how to:

  • Set and action clearly defined goals
  • Overcome obstacles and roadblocks
  • Avoid being manipulated by others
  • Take control for your life circumstances
  • Apply the art of visualisation and the power of affirmations to get what you want
  • Deal with stress, fear and worry
  • Never give up

This accessible and practical guide will help readers take control of their lives, become who and what they want to become and deal with any challenge, no matter how difficult it may seem.  When you apply the principles in this book you will find all the answers you need to get the best out of your life. Available 1st November 2016. 


If you want to improve your life but need help to take the first step “The Answer” will show you how.
Allan and Barbara turned to science to learn how to turn failure into ultimate success. They discovered new studies of the brain that show how you can reprogram your mindset, enabling you to see opportunities, not difficulties
These internationally acclaimed Bestselling authors will be at Books of Buderim Saturday 19 November at 3pm to share their fascinating book with us and sign copies.
Available 1st November 2016. 

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