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Redemption Road

By John Hart

After 5 years, this thrilling crime novel is the 5th book by John hart, a well known and respected crime novelist. This book is a gritty, dark thriller which will definitely have you unable to stop turning the pages, with its interwoven stories and intricately clever plot. Set in a small town in north Carolina, the story comprises many interesting and varied characters, with the main 3 being:

  • A 14 year old boy, Gideon with a gun and a burning desire to kill the man who killed his mother.
  • Elizabeth Black, a troublued young detective with dark secrets in her past, now on suspension after a brutal shooting in which she is involved.
  • Adrian Wall, a good police officier, who has been in prison for 13 years, enduring extreme torture and brutality at the hands of the ruthless, cruel warden and his cohort of guards.

The characters in the book are very memorable, the writing is evocative, descriptive and sinister. The preacher in this town, where religion appears to rank highly and secrets run rampant, appears to be a man involved in everyone’s lives. The altar of an abandoned church is a pivotal place. The crime novel is very fast paced & never boring. It’s a stunning thriller, but very violent and graphic.




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