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Aching to get away, needing an escape from the everyday. Sometimes money, health, politics, work demands and many other reasons can stop us from getting away. In these times of great turmoil and unknown terrors, it may be best just to stay at home. And while we live in a fabulous country with some amazing sights on our doorstep, I still love to visit and explore the colour and beauty of other parts of the world.
If this isn’t possible, I take some time to look through my collection of books I have on beautiful places in the world. These books offer photography that beyond my iPhone capabilities and a chance to see the world through someone else’s lens. There are pictures of part of the world that I believe I will never see for myself but I can still appreciate and marvel over from my lounge room.

In the bookshop, we have a wonderful collection of books representing all manner of places in the world. A lot are discounted, with surprise discounts in store on the books. we believe that bargain hunting should be just that, a hunt and there are some real bargains if you’re happy to hunt for them.

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