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I have decided to explore the value of an online book club hosted by Books of Buderim, through facebook. We currently have 2 wonderful book clubs in store, A Classics Book Club on a Monday morning once a month and a New Releases Book Club on a Wednesday evening once a month. It is a great opportunity to make some new friends and I can happily say it has brought people together in the community. There is a lot to be said for a face to face book club. So why would I consider an online book club, especially since we are not an online business? The simple truth is that I want to bring more people together and I believe some books need to be discussed to be appreciated fully. This is why I choose a very topical book of the moment for our first online book club: Being 14 by Madonna King. After I read it I knew it was the perfect book to start out online book club with. Each chapter discusses an issue that parents of 14-year-old girls would be having and need to discuss. While it would be ideal to have everyone sitting around discussing each chapter, this is difficult to organise especially for busy parents and not possible if you want to chat regularly. By going online you can get involved as much or as little as you want, there’s no pressure. It’s just good to consider other’s points of view and hopefully get even more value from the book.


So what will happen on the night. I estimate that there will be about 30mins of discussion although this may continue later or even the next day someone may wish to add something.  Now that’s something you can’t do at a normal book club.  First off I will pose a few questions or discussion points and see what people have an interest in discussing. Think of it as a trial, as I’ve never done this before so I can only imagine what people might decide to get involved in. Over time it would be great for the group to pose questions and this might also occur on the night. I’d love the group to be as involved as possible. Imagine chatting on line about a topic and then catching up another day over coffee and continuing the discussion, I love that idea. It would be like a breakaway discussion that continues the book club interaction.


For the next 6 weeks I see Being 14 as the main topic of discussion but we may end up watching a relevant TV show and include that in the discussion or adding other articles or points of interest into the discussion.

As for the group and the books we choose going forward. This book, Being 14 was something that I found really interesting as I have a 13 year old girl but maybe this is not a topic everyone is interested in. The next book may be a biography of someone going through a traumatic experience or a discussion about the American election. Whatever we choose will never suit everyone so I think it will be a dip in dip out sort of club. I’d love to have as many people involved to create interesting discussions but sometimes it is just not something you could find any content to contribute on. I think it needs to stay in the non-fiction sphere as it will have more content to talk about on a weekly basis. A novel is great to discuss at the end of reading but not great to discuss during reading as you may give something away. I want the club reading to be manageable for us very busy people. Anymore than a couple of chapters a week would be difficult for some of us to include in our lives. I want us to have fun but enjoy learning about other people’s experiences. Mostly I just want to give it a go and see what happens.

If your interested join us next Tuesday 6 June at 8:30 at: Find our online Book Club group here