New system sleeplessness November 10, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Just taking some time out to get this rotten brain to go to sleep. Are you listening world. We have just implemented a new system. The system will be amazing. I can already see some wonderful improvements to my stock ordering. It will offer so much more information. I am very excited about it but I am also overwhelmed to put it mildly. I feel like this crazy woman on the verge of tears every minute of the day. The pressure that has been building up in me over the last few months is getting to the point that it feels like a volcano and I am oozing from the top but trying sooooo hard not to blow. Can I be this honest. Oh well it is the truth. The new system is essential; I have been held up for so long with the old one. I haven’t been able to know what to buy in stock very effectively. Maybe I am putting too much on the shoulders of the system. I have always been good with computers and to have this system working is something I have dreamed of.


By problem is deciding when perfection over takes usefulness. Yes I’d love to have previous history in the system. Yes I’d love to have all the customers’ orders in the system. I just can’t keep putting time and money in getting the system working PERFECTLY. I need to just have it working well. I want to have this system work well going forward. When can I just say enough and just make do. I guess it’s when I am sitting up at night, typing this as I can’t get it out of my brain, that enough is enough. My book history will just have to be just that History. I wish it could be different but today I need to think of the future not the past. I need to put my faith in this new system and my 1-year bookshop owner experience to get me through from here on in.


What can you do as customers? Talk to me. Tell me if I am missing your orders or haven’t got the book you’re looking for. I can order anything in but the weight of 7-10 days can sometimes be too long. Just stay patient with me as you have done so wonderfully over the last year. I am so sure that this will just be a passing phase and I will have so much more to offer you in the future. But in the meantime, lets try and work this out together.