Books of Buderim finds spiritual seekers June 27, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Inspiration, Love, Thoughts

Our Courtyard was brought alive again with a lot of jollification flowing from last Thursday’s group of spiritual seekers and finders! It is always amazing to hear stories of revelation and awakening directly from the experiencers, especially when interspersed with bright humour and touches of gleeful irreverence.

We played a matching game with fairy crystal cards (how cosmic is that!) and looked up the meaning of the crystals we matched to see if there was something for us to meditate on. The object lesson included The Law of Attraction premise that what we think/feel/speak is MATCHED VIBRATIONALLY by the Universe, no exceptions, as Abraham-Hicks would say. (Author of ASK & IT IS GIVEN and many other books.)

Something was working because a magnificent cake manifested via one of our number for a birthday celebration! Have you ever thought how powerful birthday wishes can be? We spoke of the power of ritual and belief. Society is belief driven. People are driven by their deep, often unconscious, beliefs. Rituals are created to both change and strengthen beliefs. Consensus reality is a result of group belief. Positive beliefs manifest positive outcomes. Hmmmm! So let’s believe in birthday wishes coming true as we chant Hip Hip Hooray!

Our monthly exercise is to write down 128 things we love, with feeling. The aim is to raise our frequency/vibration by FEELING positive emotion and thus become a magnet to positive energy and experiences. The book THE POWER by Rhonda Byrne talks about the truly miraculous possibilities of practising this activity regularly. (I am re-reading it for roughly the 8th time!) Rhonda Byrne is behind the hugely popular movie THE SECRET.

This is such a lovely gathering of folks with related interests; people of goodwill, grace and joy. Looking forward to next month’s meeting!

Love & Light