Meeting someone through a book May 31, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Inspiration – Tags: , , ,

Can I ask you do you ever look around the room in a restaurant and imagine what is going on in the lives of those around you. Like noticing the tall well dressed man with his dark suit and light blue tie, talking animatedly to a lady with a low cut flamboyant dress and curly red hair. Thoughts just spring into my head. Where did these interesting people meet, what topic is encouraging an almost heated exchange. Are they lovers breaking up or a couple on a date night not able to put home life behind them.Maybe it’s a business exchange where the woman has been sent to try negotiate a difficult contract.

This is the wonderful thing about a book. This exchange is described and  your imagination fulfilled. You get to understand why they are together, the story behind this evolving drama. You get to meet a stranger without actually having to feel awkward or shy as we commonly  do. Are you ready to get to experience someone else’s life. Feel pain or concern for someone’s hurt. Understand the meaning of the situation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fiction or non fiction. If it’s real or developed from an author s point of reference. They are all real people in the author s mind and there stories are as rich and involving as any persons we can meet on the street. So next time your looking for company but don’t feel like putting on your good clothes and venturing out, grab a book and relax. Get to know a new friend and enjoy their story as it evolves.