Lovers of Crime novels February 2, 2017 – Posted in: Blog, Love

As it’s the month of love, I thought it would be a good idea to focus on some of the areas we all love in books. And there are a lot of you that Love novels of Crime, Thrillers and Horror. I have read a few thrillers novels that have left me spooked all night, so now I don’t jump into that section as quick as I do other sections. I do appreciate a great crime novel as much as anyone and love it when an author really allows you to get to know the characters as much as the storyline in a good crime novel.

Crime is always represented strongly in the Top 10 list of current best sellers.

Our Top 10 best sellers over summer have been:

The Travelling Companion: For as Long as it Takes to Get There       Ian Rankin

Rather be the Devil (Inspector Rebus #21)                                               Ian Rankin

Murder Under the Christmas Tree                                                             Cecily Gayford

The Girl from Venice                                                                                     Martin Cruz Smith

Hidden Killers                                                                                                 Lynda La Plante

Conclave                                                                                                           Robert Harris

The Whistler                                                                                                   John Grisham

Signal Loss                                                                                                      Garry Disher

Home                                                                                                               Harlan Coben

Cyanide Games: A Peter Tanner Thriller                                                 Richard Beasley

Last Mile (Amos Decker #2)                                                                       David Baldacci

Interesting the Top 10 list for independent bookshops over Australia looks a little different

The Girl on the Train (Film Tie In)                                                     Hawkins, Paula

Night School: Jack Reacher                                                                  Child, Lee

Private Delhi                                                                           Patterson, James & Sanghi, Ashwin

The Dry                                                                                                      Harper, Jane

The Four Legendary Kingdoms: A Jack West Jr Novel 4                Reilly, Matthew

The Whistler                                                                                             Grisham, John

The Wrong Side of Goodbye: Harry Bosch                                        Connelly, Michael

No Man’s Land: John Puller Series                                                     Baldacci, David

Cross the Line: Alex Cross                                                                     Patterson, James

Predator: Hector Cross                                                                           Smith, Wilbur


There are reasons why they vary. We sell a lot of small volumes of a lot of books so our Top 10 is skewed and doesn’t have the volume that the Full independent list shows. Also sometimes a book sells quicker than I can buy it in such as The Dry by Jane Harper. I have been talking great things about this book for since early 2016 but it became more well-known this Christmas and I just didn’t have enough stock on hand to cope with demand. I now have plenty in stock.

Of course there is always the regional differences and I believe Buderim and the Sunshine Coast don’t always follow the trends of our southern neighbours. And finally, there is store layout, I don’t favour any book except for our real staff favourites, that we recommend. The Crime, Mystery and Horror section at Books of Buderim is as varied as it is wide and that allows all interests and preferences to be catered for. You will be surprised what is available, and we pride ourselves on customers saying, Wow I didn’t think I would be able to get this.


Further posts to come on delving further into the world of Crime, Mystery and Horror.