Local Review: Spook Street by Mike Herron February 25, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

This is the 4th in a series of Jackson Lamb Thrillers.

The story involves 40 young people killed in a bombing at a shopping centre, When the bomber is identified, there are huge problems for M15, departments higher up and a post cold war sleeper group of parliamentaries. There are intricate plot lines and a very clever prose.

David Cartwright has been retired for 20 years and was a Spook who holds many important secrets, but is now becoming a bit demented and a security issue. His Grandson River Cartwright, also works at Slough House, he’s very close to David and determined to ensure he’s kept safe.

It is a twisty tale involving the sleuths at Slough House, known as Slow Horses, who seem to be washed up, no hopers in the main. Their boss, Jackson lamb, is extremely unlikeable and obnoxious but who also is a very important member of the team and funny in a way. All these old spoons have myriad problems, cocaine issues, anger management, gambling, womanising, casual sex, alcoholism and River (The grandson) is there only because he made a huge mistake which he was set up for.

I must say I didn’t really enjoy the first part of this novel. I didn’t know the characters and there seems to be an awful lot of them! And it jumps around from place to place and laced with abrupt dialogue.The characters were often irritating and I had trouble working out what was happening!

Anyway, the second half was much better and I felt I was getting to know everyone and where the story was going. It would probably have been easier if I’d read the first three books in the series.

I’m sure this is a thrilling and extremely well written crime novel, it  just confused me initially and perhaps until the end.

Review by Julie, one of our local community reviewers in our Book Proof review group at Books of Buderim. Please contact the store if you’d like to be part of this group.