Local Author of the Month – Peter Rowe February 23, 2016 – Posted in: Local Authors Sunshine Coast

Peter Rowe was writing stories in his head long before he could communicate verbally.

Born with Down syndrome and other conditions that limits his ability to speak, it wasn’t until Peter was nearly 30 that he was introduced to Facilitated Communication (FC) – a system that finally gave him a way to communicate and share his view of his world and experiences, the good and the bad, and to finally allow the wondrous colourful stories previously trapped in his imagination to explode onto the pages of his amazing “Josh The Robot” children’s books. He has since published eight children’s books, and is also an exhibiting Artist and presenter. While Peter Rowe’s books are at first glance aimed towards children, upon raising one’s awareness of Peter and his amazing story you soon realise that within the animated, colourful pages are messages that are universal in relation to showing compassion, love and being respectful, inclusive and unified in embracing the unique difference’s we as a human race share.

Books of Buderim is proud to host an evening with Peter Rowe (21st March 2016 at 5Pm), this very special evening will not only create an opportunity to bring the local community together to support and raise awareness of World Down Syndrome Day but also to remember the importance of embracing local businesses and talent in order for both to flourish.