Local Author of the Month – Anne Moorhouse January 24, 2016 – Posted in: Local Authors Sunshine Coast

Born in Yorkshire, England, Anne migrated to Sydney in 1952. Loving her Australian nationality but still sees herself an Anglophile – a combination she’s happy to live with.

Anne was married in 1960 and still with the same great guy. Two wonderful children and four delightful grandchildren continue to bring much joy to their life.

Unlike so many writers, her working life was not one of journalism, but was initially spent crunching numbers on an old fashioned comptometer (a high five to you if you remember those). Later Anne went on to become a PA in a multi-national company where she stayed for twenty-one years until retirement.

After living in Sydney for more than thirty years Anne finally retired to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 1999. In retirement Anne has used the time to pursue her interest in writing.

As an adoptee, the 1980s were an epiphany for Anne. It came with the discovery of, and meeting with, her two half-brothers. Such a happening in mid-life really turns your world upside down. Anne was fortunate in that both of them, and her natural father’s second wife, accepted her with no reservations. Anne feels passionately for those adoptees who long to find their roots but are turned away. How shattering that must be. She was one of the lucky ones.

This event ultimately led to her first book Searching for Family – A Memoir. This success gave Anne the impetus to try another work, longer than the short stories which, until then, had been her main writings.

The Moon is Everywhere the Same is her first novel but having received requests for a sequel there will be more to follow.The Moon is Everywhere the Same