Koby Cumulus will touch your heart December 7, 2017 – Posted in: Books, Children's Books, Review

A special book has landed in store Koby Cumulus, the hand painted beautiful children’s hardcover book

“Koby Cumulus loves being a cloud…until the day he hears people complain about the weather.  Travel with Koby as he re-discovers his importance, and the joy of his life’s purpose. Will he overcome others raining on his parade?”

Koby Cumulus is a 6 year old cloud who loves life… until he hears people grumbling about the weather.

It’s a beautiful story about realising your own self worth in the face of negativity and rejection. Koby also has a mentor, who is his granny, so it’d be a lovely book for a grandparent to read to their grandchild!

“Koby Cumulus provides a helpful way parents can share with their children important messages about true self-worth…”


Author Melissa Doughty has 5 children aged between 6 and 13 and co-owns the outdoor adventure park ‘The Summit’ in Gippsland.  After years of working with thousands of young people, Melissa knows how to reach the hearts and minds of children with her meaningful and exquisitely illustrated stories.

Target audience for Koby Cumulus is 4 – 7 y.o.