Jane Austen and D’arcy August 7, 2017 – Posted in: Blog, Local Authors Sunshine Coast

Last Friday we had Morning tea with Wal Walker, author of Jane and D’Arcy

Wal talked about the story of the greatest love affair of Jane Austen’s life that has been hidden by the Austen Family. He provided strong evidence to makes the groundbreaking claim that colonial surgeon D’Arcy Wentworth (1762-1827) was the love of her life.
Austen readers have long detected the complex emotional experience revealed in her writing is at odds with the portrait created by relatives of an unworldly, withdrawn, utterly respectable spinster aunt.

By juxtaposing extensive research into Wentworth’s life with the emotions, characters and events in Austen’s writing, Walker makes a very credible case for the Irish-born Sydney colonial doctor as the object of her passionate love.


Wal Walker Talking about Jane Austen's secret Love marriage at books of Buderim near maroochydore

The courtyard provided a lovely setting for reimagining the life of Jane Austen and her adventures in London and Scotland that are largely unknown. Wal is a descendant of D’arcy and provides examples of how her writings show the complex love affair and seclusion that Jane Austen experienced. Wal’s and his wife provided a wealth of knowledge that was wonderful to listen to. What a great way to spend a Friday morning.



Next Friday afternoon (11 August 3:30 pm) we have another terrific author coming to visit us. Don’t miss out on Shona Innes talking about the 9th and 10th book in her picture book series “Big Hugs”. Perfect for anyone with kids, teachers of Kindergarten or Junior School or in a caring role with young children.   You’ll be disappointed if you miss it.