IKEA furniture inventions November 9, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Are you ready to embrace the upcoming opening of the new Ikea at the North Lakes shopping centre. I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely driven all the way to Logan  a few times for some IKEA furniture. It is the simplistic nature of the furniture that I love and that I can afford to replace it every couple of years as it’s not too expensive. I also love the styling ideas you get when you shop there. The kitchen’s set up with everything from stoves and chairs to cutlery and nReinventing IKEAnotice boards. It is inspirational and fun.

Then I found this amazing book that took the IKEA experience to a whole new level. I must admit I was truly blown away to see what the funky creations that had been made from IKEA furniture. The main drawback I see from buying IKEA is that all your friends and relatives might have the same furniture because lets face it, we all love it. So when I found this book that offered ideas to make the furniture pieces unique, I was hooked.

Take a look at some of these creations
From This




To This



Or This

img_4264To ThisRevolving Table at IKEA

And this one I adore

img_4268  img_4270

Who knew a standard  stool could offer so much enjoyment.

Imagination has been put into overdrive in this fabulous book. I honestly could not have even considered that magazine holders could possibility be an extremely interesting table. The book is amazing as the ideas are all there but you can take them any direction you like. It’s like a recipe book that you can follow or like we all do, you can add a few ingredients of your own.

Just before we part, I have to share this last inspiration with you. There were so many more in the pages of this book and I know these pictures just touch on the inspiration offered by this book. Bring on the opening of IKEA at North Lakes, it’s going to be a blast.

img_4271   img_4273


Reinventing IKEA available at Books of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast