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Have you ever been lucky enough to receive a gift of an orchid, the flower that keeps on giving? The flower offers an amazing display of nature’s ingenuity, putting beauty and finesse together so well. It is a flower that makes you just stop and stare. We all enjoy a bunch of flowers when they have been prepared by skilful florist in a stunning collection of flowers and greenery. The Orchid is unique in that it can provide that gorgeous aha moment without all the Fanfan of being wrapped with other flowers. It needs to sit alone as other flowers will just crowd it. It is really a most amazing flower. But what I love most about the Orchid is the continuing life giving phenomenon it offers the receiver. It is a wonderful gift for someone who has lost a family member as it provides a beautiful annual reminder of this person. I am fascinated that after an orchid dies off to a stick that it has any chance of rejuvenating again. There can be no gift more unusual, unexpected or beautiful than a orchid.


A book can be a poor substitute for the real thing but not in this case. Into the Orchid House: In search of Beauty by Stanley Breeden and Kaisa Breeden provides rich detailed photographs that reveal the beauty of the Orchid coupled with a story about the Orchid House in The Atherton Tablelands. “The glasshouse at Orchid house offers the warmth, the humidity, the rich scents, the dense green growth with splashes of colour from the flowers”


With so many species the Orchid family if the richest on earth, with only daisies rivalling it. Orchids in glasshouses, with their floral structures so eloquently revealed, invite wonder and aesthetic delight. This book will help inspire greater appreciation of the stunning diversity of form and colour seen in tropical orchid flowers.