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Buderim was honoured with Internationally renowned authors Allan and Barbara Pease at Books of Buderim on Saturday. We could not be more pleased to have them come to our community bookshop. These are speakers that have graced the Kremlin and spoken at international venues around the world and we were lucky enough to have them come down to Buderim and spend some time with us. Allan had us laughing our socks off at his antidotes of male and female behaviour that we could all recognise and appreciate as he talked about his International best seller, “Why men don’t listen and women don’t read maps” Allan talked about how the books are read by over 40% men with its scientific discussion, using MRI’s to understand the working of the male and female brains.


Then 10 days ago we received Allan and Barbara’s new book “The Answer” The Answer offers you guidance into how you can get what you want in your life.

The promise with the book – You can have anything you want and go anywhere you want

Allan talked about the reticular formation, the command centre of our brain. Everything you see, hear, and feel goes through this command centre and deals with it. By instructing your brain to notice the things you want in your life, you are bringing the RAS (Reticular Activating System) to life. You need to make a list of the things you want in your life and “the Answer” helps you work out what that list will look like. After you’ve categorised, dated and committed to these goals, you will start to make these things happen. It’s important to not think about the how but to focus on the what.


My What: I want to have Allan and Barbara Pease talk at my bookshop about their new book. I had no idea how I would get Internationally renowned authors to come and talk at Books of Buderim but it was on my list. I’d never had anyone like them before at the bookshop but today it happened and I certainly did not focus on how but on what.


I put a 5 day hike on my list and I’ve been just reviewing my list regularly not knowing when this would happen. Reading the paper this morning I read about this wonderful new 5 day walk on Kangaroo island in SA. I knew then that this is the hike. I know it’s for an experienced hiker, I have walked the dog regularly but I wouldn’t consider myself experienced. I have boots but that is as experienced as I get. Anyway all I know is that this 5 day hike is on my list and I am one step closer. Check back in 10 months (July 2017) when I can tell you how much I enjoyed myself.


So can you have anything you want in your life. “The Answer” says you can, I am proof that it works and I feel 100% better in myself knowing that I’m no longer floating through life but achieving the things that have been but a dream. I don’t want to wake up one day and realise I don’t have the physical or financial capability to make the things I want in my life a reality. I have take hold of life with the “The Answer” between my hands and I have looked my fears in the face and taken the plunge. Are you ready to take the plunge.


Allan and Barbara’s books are available in store at Books of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. Look out of the big Question Mark to find “The Answer”.