Food cookbooks offering a summer feast January 6, 2016 – Posted in: Books, Food

I’ve just cleaned out my recipe book cupboard in preparation for all the beautiful cooking books that are available this summer. I have had to be strong and separate myself from a few that have taken me through many first’s in my cooking journey. My cookbooks then were simple and easy to follow, meeting my stage of cooking experience. I still remember my first cookbook being the Schwartz Spice Book that came with the spice rack. With this book I learned to blend flavours and spices. I loved being able to cook food that wasn’t bland anymore. Sorry dad, but you really didn’t give me much to work with.


Anyway I know these cookbooks and the many others I collected back then are unappreciated now and time to give them a new home. I am very excited about the new books that are coming out though. We have some wonderful books from our celebrity chefs such as George Calombaris and Deborah Hutton. There’s also some terrific ideas on how to help cook food that is satisfying to the GUT. Of course smoothies and broths are a wonderful tonic for satisfying our hunger in a healthy way.


My personal favourite cooking style that I will be embracing this summer is the BBQ. I have been watching the new television show, Aussie Barbecue Heroes, providing entertaining BBQ suggestions. Then I’ll be grabbing my new BBQ cookbook by Ben O’Donoghue, Ben’s Meat Bible and get entertaining. Okay, yes I have a few BBQ cookbooks in my cookbook library but there’s a new fresh buzz that is extending the BBQ experience. It is no longer meat and salad for a BBQ, it is an anything goes affair. I can’t wait for summer. Crack open the bubbly, invite a few friends and dish up some great looking food that will go down extremely well.


A BBQ provides a well needed community interaction without the fuss and you can spoil yourselves without the hassle. Enjoy a friendly BBQ or 2 this summer.