Falling in Love all over again on Valentine’s Day February 1, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Alice in Alice in Wonderland may have compared falling in love like falling down the hole and finding yourself in an all new wonderful world. Let yourself experience the emotions and feelings of falling love again by sharing a book about love on poetry, art, stories and advice.

Here at Books of Buderim we have a wonderful selection of books to inspire you to create a Valentine’s day that embraces your passion and enthusiasm for each other. This is just a small selection, come and experience the wonder of love through books today.

Focus Love

Focus: Love: Your World, Your Image

In Focus Love amateurs photographers glimpse hearts everywhere: in graffiti scrawled on an alleyway wall, in paper cut by a child, and in nature’s worn stones scattered on a forest floor. All that’s necessary is to open our eyes…which is what this collection inspires us to do.

Indian love poerty

Indian Love Poetry

Love is widely celebrated in Indian poetry, whether mystic love for the divine or the passionate and affectionate feelings between lovers, husbands, wives, parents and children, family and friends.
This attractive collection combines a selection of translations from various languages of the best of Indian poetry with illustrations drawn from some of the finest examples of Indian art in the British Museum.

Book of Long by Leonard Cohen

Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen made his name as a poet before he came to worldwide attention as a singer and songwriter. Book of Longing was twenty years in the making and written in Montreal, Mumbai and during his retreat in Mt Baldy. These poems show the full range of one of the most influential and enigmatic writers of his generation.


If Someone Says “You Complete Me,” RUN!

Whoopi’s Big Book of Relationships

From the provocative and hilarious EGOT winner, bestselling author, and host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg, comes the perfect antidote to all those outdated relationship advice books in the world, weighing in on why marriage isn’t for everybody, and how the life you want shouldn’t be the life everyone else expects you to have.