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I had the most pleasurable week meeting some fabulous authors and local customers. We are all different in our needs and experiences and I am always amazed at how much I gain from all the people I meet in this world. Never any discussions are the same and you just never know what you will learn about people. I find when I talk to authors I learn so much about lives from different perspectives. They think differently, authors do. They see the world from a unique perspective, as we all do but they are great at expressing their thoughts and bringing you into their thoughts.


Over the last 2 weeks, I have hosted events for a few local authors and a nationally recognized author, and they have all blown me away with their insights and conversations.


First off, we had Wal Walker, with his time spent talking to us about Jane Austen’s great love affair. I could feel myself slipping into the period Jane Austen lived in and the restrictions women had that we would have difficulty even understanding these days. Not only was she restrained by the effect of being a woman but she was also constrained by family. But as they say ‘It is better to have Loved and Lost, than to have not loved at all”.



Then Madonna King came to town, talking about her new book “Being 14”. Madonna had so many examples and reminders of what this generation of women are being bombarded with from cyber bullying, constant online messaging, exploitation through music, school expectations and so much more. Madonna had us all in the palm of her hand for over an hour and left us wanting/needing to know more. Thankfully her book ‘Being 14’ fills in the gaps.



Leaving women over the generations behind us, we meet a great bloke, Darron Eastwell, who Broke his Brain and has now written a book about the experience. That on its own is an amazement as he is still recovering. He impressed me so much with his positive attitude and can do approach to things. I came away from time with Darron, knowing the life’s little things can provide so much pleasure.


Friday afternoon offered a fabulous hive of activity with Shona Innes releasing her 2 new Children’s/Behavioural books “Your Mind is Like a garden” and “Anger is like Armour”. There were drawing and colouring in, chats with Shona, drinks and nibbles and lots of fun to be had. I can’t wait to see the Chinese version of Shona’s books, after receiving international recognition for her books. The Chinese characters set against the gorgeous illustrations represented in Shona’s books will be a wonder.










It’s a quiet week ahead but very necessary to catch my breath. We are hosting the New Release book club in the courtyard this Friday Morning at 10:30 am. We will be discussing “Lincoln on the Barbo” by George Sanders and all things Abraham Lincoln. We’d love to see you join us.