Connecting minds through Books and Games November 3, 2017 – Posted in: Games

What are 3 things Books and Board Games have in common

  1. They both offer a time away from screens – yippee
  2. They both offer your mind stimulation and excitement, and many other feelings
  3. They are both available at Books Of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.
Board Games and Gifts at Books of Buderim

Board Games and Gifts at Books of Buderim

At Books of Buderim we have a special room setup with all manner of Board Games and  Gift items. Most of the gifts and games are for children but we also have some wonderful stationery lines and adult games and game reference materials. The room is small so there is only 1 or 2 of each game type but there are games from all over the place. The games offered are based on recommendations from student and parents who play games regularly but my biggest recommender are my own children who fall head over heels in love with a game every now and again and then I know I am onto a winner.


So what games would I recommend to you if you were in the store:


Well for the kids, our No1 game is Exploding Kittens and Imploding Kittens. The craze came through the schools and of course, my girls wanted their set. I managed to find someone to supply them to me, with some gentle coaxing, they are pretty hard to get your hands on. I won’t try to explain it fully as at first glance it seems very complicated but in truth, the kids had it explained to me in minutes and we are happily playing as a family. There is nothing quite so nice as hearing the laughter that comes out of the playing of this game and best of all it keeps them busy and away from screens for a long while, as 1 game is never enough.


For the adults, and families we have a number of strategy games. A couple that I think would be great fun include Spy Alley, The Game of Suspense and Intrigue! you get the chance to play spy and counter spy in a dark alley. Deceptively simple and surprisingly intense, Spy Alley keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Of course, not all games are intense, some just plan old fashionable fun with laughs a minute. We recently got in the game of Flickin’ Chicken. It is simply a game like golf where you have to get the object on the tea but with a flickin Chicken, oh what fun.

There are so many games in store now I can only explain a few but you can go on the website and reserve your game. Don’t wait for online postage and unknown board games. In store and with my careful selection of the games, it really is so much easier to just shop locally at Books of Buderim