Children’s Books Update May 10, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Thoughts

Scholastic publishes their first Reading Report on children’s book reading habits

The predictors of reading frequency for children aged six to 11 include where they read for fun, parental involvement and how early they started being read books aloud; for children 12-17, predictors included having parents who are frequent readers, the belief reading books for fun is important, and in-school opportunities to talk about, find and read books.

60% of kids said they love reading books for fun or like it a lot.

86% of children said they loved being read books aloud at home

On subject matter, an overwhelming majority agreed that their favourite books were the ones they pick out themselves. Most children want books that make them laugh, and nearly three quarters (73%) of children surveyed said they would read more if they could find more books they like. Eighty-nine percent of school-age children have used their reading level to pick out books, but just over half (56%) have been told their reading level.

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Top kids books in the Top 20 Books list are:

  • Bad Guys Episode 3: the Furball strikes back by Aaron Blabey
  • The Treehouse Fun Book by Jill Griffiths & Andy Griffiths
  • Crazy Weird: WeirDo by Anh Do

Fun Children’s Books recently released that my kids (10 and 12 year olds) are loving

  • Olive of Groves and the Great Slurp of Time by Katrina Nannestad
  • The Turners by Mick Elliott

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