Carpathia By Jay Ludowyke August 6, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

Jay Ludowyke is from the Sunshine Coast University where she was supported to research and write the story of Carpathia.

Carpathia fascinated me as it is a little-known story in the big story of the Titanic. But Jay has exposed the significant history and story of Carpathia on its own. The story about where it came from, as well as the story of her first sea journey, allowed me to understand and appreciate the rest of Carpathia’s history. I am not a ship fanatic or even been on a cruise ship as a passenger so the descriptions of the ships parts and equipment were strange at first but familiar and vivid in my vision by the end of the book. I have been inspired me to look at doing a cruise ship to see for myself the complexity of a large ship.

I also enjoyed the story weaved through the book of the divers who found the ship weck of Carpathia. Jay offers a very personal telling of a boat with a big history.

Jay has kindly left shipping items that your welcome to come and look at for yourself. Carpathia By Jay Ludowyke in available signed by Jay at Books of Buderim, your community bookshop on the Sunshine Coast.