Buderim Buying is environmentally conscious May 1, 2018 – Posted in: Accessories, Inspiration, Thoughts

What are the residents of Buderim buying?

We are a wonderfully environmentally conscious group of people in Buderim. This is evidenced by one of our top best seller’s this month being our Boomerang Bags. We are selling so many of the Boomerang Bag’s I’m starting to think I might become a bag seller. Just kidding but it is wonderful to see this community-centric bag running around Buderim in everyone’s arms. If you haven’t seen the Boomerang Bags yet, well let me tell you about them. A group of Lovely ladies (at least I think they are all ladies), in Nambour have been collecting up people’s old doona covers and some donated new covers and turned them into grocery Bags. They are all recycled, extremely colourful and an amazing price at just $2.50. All the proceeds go back into making more bags so the time and effort of the ladies involved are all voluntary. We absolutely love them as do our customers.


The Boomerang Bags have been used for present wrapping and more often a request for no bag as the customers are using them straight away. Let’s celebrate the wonder of how environmentally friendly we are all getting.