Buderim Bookshop comforts October 23, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

In a little shop at the end of the Buderim shopping strip lives a little bookshop. It is a bookshop that surprises and comforts us all. Once you walk in you know you have come to a place where literature is prized. The selection is comprehensive with longtime favourites sitting next to new current gems. The staff are in love with the books and the shop as much as they love serving the customers and it is a place like no other. I know this as I get daily exclamations about the loveliness of the shop and the uniqueness of the shop. It was also what I felt when I fell in love with it when I first saw the shop many years back. But the shop is so much more than its books and card and gift selections, it is the mixture of customers and conversations that occur around books that makes it truly special. These customers have been coming here for years, know the staff like old friends, enjoy finding treasures for themselves and others. To offer our time to help these customers is something I don’t see happening in Shopping Centre’s and malls mostly because they are busy, and people are rushed and exhausted from making their way around a large centre. We offer the easy parking next door and the back door is regularly used for older or just friendly customers. We are always open to having people join us in store in whichever way they find us. The part that amazes me more than anything is the constantly filled back shelf that holds all our customers’ book requests. No matter how big or varied we are, customers are always finding titles to read that are special and not necessarily on the shelf. These customers fill me with endless joy as they choose to come and purchase from their local community bookshop before other options. This is true for all of our customers, they have made a choice to come and purchase from us instead of buying online or buying from bigger chains. It is a commitment I see daily and it shows me community is alive and well and it has a big home in Buderim.


So with all this loveliness and community, how does a bookshop like Books of Buderim Struggle. I’ve been asking myself that for the past 3 years and it’s a very tough question that can be answered from so many different directions. The changing buying behaviours to online still exists, the turn from books to kindles, the movement away from books to other entertainment possibilities, the Buderim shopping strip has fewer shoppers and I could go on and on. What do we do about it? I’ve come to realise that sometimes the answers are not easy to grasp and deal with. Keep tuning in literature lovers of Buderim, while we share our love of books in new ways.