Books provide Summer 2016 movies showcase September 30, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Thoughts

It is time to be transformed and taken to a new place, a new time and make some new friends. The characters at first are difficult to picture but it won’t be long before an image starts to be created in your mind. The early chapters let us know what we can expect from the book. You are taken into a mysterious place that the author has created. The excitement rises about this new place. The characters are dragging you into the story with them. You have just experienced the effect of a letting yourself be entranced by the novel.

There really isn’t much to compare with the experience of a novel unfolding. The way it creates the pictures in your mind of events that are so far away from your life and your everyday. It is a magnificent effect to be drawn into someone else’s family, feeling like your living their dramas and dilemmas. There are moments when you know the story isn’t real but you can’t help but follow it’s every detail like it is truly happening.

The passion of a love affair is so real when the writer details the feeling of the characters that we can all understand but can’t bring ourselves to express. The depth of emotion feels so much stronger when described in a book. The hope and desire that is expressed so vividly makes you gasp.

A murder when described through the eyes of the murderer or the police investigating it, is clearer and although still shocking, more tangible and real. Can we ever understand the mechanisms of the mind of the murderer as clear as we can when written about in a story of love and betrayal? Understanding the motive and reason for the murder makes more sense even if we know it is wrong. We place ourselves in their mindset and feel their fear or rage. It makes the murder seem more real and feasible.

How do we feel all these emotions when we watch a movie. We can’t of course understand the characters as clearly or their motivations don’t move you as intensely. There are many things a movie can offer including 2 hours of blissful drama set amongst groovy music, lights and scenery. But compare this to the build-up effect of the descriptions in the book of the small country town in a rural and remote part of Australia and the book wins’ hands down. You can explain the character’s thoughts and feelings about the small shop they run at the end of town, with the odd characters that come in. This scene can be described over 2 pages of delightful descriptions and events that would probably take a 2min scene in a movie.

So even if the movies are powerful and entertaining, don’t forget how much more can be enjoyed through reading the book.

This spring and summer of 2016 has so many books being made into  movies. Here is a list of some. But remember you will take away so much more from reading the book before or after the film.


Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children           Ransom Riggs

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them                J.K. Rowling

The Girl On The Train                                                         Paula Hawkins

A monster calls                                                                      Patrick Ness

Inferno                                                                                      Dan Brown

The Circle                                                                                 Dave Eggers

Queen of Katwe                                                                     Tim Crothers

The Light Between Oceans                                               M L Stedman