Book of the Week – September 16 September 17, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Review

To the Bright Edge of the World By Eowyn Ivey

Book Clubs on the Sunshine Coast

This is the Book Club book of the Month and is getting some wonderful reviews from customers and online. I have begun to read to it and am enjoying the style of writing as diary entries’. It also has plenty for the male and female readers, offering the history Lt Colonel Allen Forrester exploring Alaska in 1885. His wife provides a serious, intelligent account of life as a female in 1885 and the prejudices she has to contend with

Our Book Reviewers Comments:

Provides a deep sense of engagement from best-selling author of Snow Child. It feels like something has been added to you by reading this novel.

Starting in Vancouver 1885. The novel followers the Journey of Allen trekking on a 10-month navigation through inhospitable mountainous glacier country. Leaving behind a pregnant wife. Written in letter & report form between not just the characters of the time but also present day family members. Exposes the love, respect and turmoil of all the characters.