Book of the week: Good Morning Midnight. By Lily Brooks-Dalton October 15, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Books, Review

Good Morning Midnight. By Lily Brooks-Dalton

Why do some people trade their familial roots for their career?

Augustine is a Professor of Astronomy and a scientist in a remote Arctic research station.

Mission Specialist, (Kathy Sullivan) Sully is a Canadian Astronaut in a spacecraft on the return journey of a two year mission to Jupiter.

Then, inexplicably, all communication with the outside world and mission control is lost.

Both have forsaken a life of stability and loving relationships to pursue their careers with a determination that excludes any distraction. Good Morning Midnight is the second book by Lily Brooks Dalton and with this she explores some of the formative reasons that some people can leave behind their loved ones, including their children to achieve their personal goals.

The incongruent settings of the remote Arctic and Deep Space have a commonality of isolation, which allows a regular state of introspection and reflection. Both main characters have plenty of time to reflect on their lives and reasons they’ve chosen to follow their dreams that enable them to resolve their decisions, albeit with some regrets.

Lily Brookes Dalton has done well with her research into the Astronomy and Space travel to create a realistic fact filled backdrop to her story. The reader is taken through the daily routines of life in a spacecraft and the research station, both somewhat desolate places and strikingly similar to some of the places in their hearts.

A wholly different narrative, Good Morning, Midnight is best read while basking in a warm place where all comforts are at hand.

Neil McKinley