Book Shelf Profile: Business Books May 16, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

When you walk into Books of Buderim it can be overwhelming with over 10,000 books of all styles and genres. What you need is a bit of insight into the gems of books available on individual shelves. Today I am profiling the Business Management section.


The business management books in the shop focus mainly on small business management and career advancement. You only need to read 1 chapter in a business book to walk away with a gem of an idea. Take a week apply the idea to your day-to-day business or personal growth. After a week assess what you have learned, revisit if you need to, or move on to the next chapter.


Here’s is a selection of the books you can find on the shelf:


Shut Up Get Up & Give It A Go by Justin Fankhauser

Autobiographical business book

Shut Up Get Up & Give It A Go by Justin Fankhauser

This autobiographical business book is written for all of us who want to make changes even when the odds are against us. Providing advice on how to take your business to the next level. Justin gives you answers to have a “kick-ass life and business” Not just for the business owner, don’t we all need a bit of motivation to take on the world again and again.

Justin turned a $5000 locksmith business into a seven-figure business, that’s the kind of coach that would be valuable for your work day.


The Smarter Screen By Shlomo Benartzi


When making decisions from information on screens we have visual biases and behavioural patterns that influence us. From the sheer volume of information and the ease of making decisions online, it’s astonishing the effects technology has on our thinking. In the Smarter Screen, Shlomo Beneartzi provides a toolkit of interventions to influence consumer behavior on screens.


Break Free From Corporate, Be Your Own Boss By Gavin Sequeira


Provides the fundamentals needed to succeed in your own business. Offering confronting and challenging ideas to save you countless hours and thousands of dollars when starting up a new business.


Gavin’s book gives you insight to what it feels like to be caught in the corporate climb while yearning to step out and run your own business, be your own boss.


Small Data by Martin Lindstrom


Martin observes every detail of peoples lives to identity what the next big thing will be. He acts like a modern day Sherlock Holmes looking at all the aspects of small data to uncover hidden desires and clues to a multi million dollar product.


We also have some inspirational local business authors including:


Dr Brenda Jamnik who wrote “When the Rubber Hits the Road”. This is a book with leadership lessons based on 30 years of experience in developing high performance teams. Brenda provides tools and insights to find great people to make the right decisions and provide efficiencies so you find the time to do the things you love.


Zoe Sparks has 20 years business experience. In her book “Strive and Thrive” Zoe offers 100 tips on Vision and Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Administration and Staff. This is a practical book that is motivating and encourages you to progress in your business.


Many more books are available on the business leadership shelf that needs to be explored to be appreciated.