Book Review April 13, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Review

The High Mountains of Portugal

by Yann Martel

The Storytelling is exquisite

Without previously reading The Life of Pi, the booker prize winning novel by Yann Martel, I had no idea what I was getting myself in for. The metaphors of life, the experience with animals, the exquisite story telling. Yann Martel has a lovely way of explaining in depth topics by drawing pictures with words. The explanations provide vivid descriptions of detailed topics you’re not all passionate about. I would never have believed that explanations of driving a 1900’s car would be fascinating but not only did I find it fascinating, I also have like a movie image in my mind of what it would have been like to drive one of the first automobiles. This is what I loved the most about Yann’s style of writing. His ability to explain the subject matter is so vividly I see the pictures in my mind transforms my understanding of the material written.

The style of book was unusual too with the three parables offering individual stories that link up in an unusual manner. The style was very fitting the storytelling prose used.

I know that Yann offers metaphors throughout the book that are worthy of a 2nd or 3rd reading. A luxury I don’t have but will put on the shelf to contemplate for a another day.

I would like to share a review from Goodreads that sums up the story very nicely for me:

Jan 24, 2016 Lynne (hope you don’t mind Lynn) rated it as amazing   review of another edition

This book really touched me on so many levels! It’s about dealing with grief in various ways. Three stories are interconnected with thought provoking symbolism. While it was difficult to initially see the greatness of this story, it is worth sticking with it. You will continuously be thinking about the ties within each story. I really enjoyed reading it.