Book in your life November 8, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Thoughts

Writing a blog about what books offer people isn’t hard, I just need to get down on paper what I see and feel every day. I have the most wonderful experiences with customers every day and learn some amazing facts about the world through the books I read. I want to write about the journey I have taken to get to be a book shop owner, a privilege and extremely enjoyable role the bookstore plays in the community. I also want to tell you about the people that I delight in spending time with every day, being my staff. I want to talk to you about what you can do to get more out of life through books. I want to create a deeper appreciation for the books you love and purchase. But most of all I want everyone to grasp more fully the value that a book provides over other mediums. Not because I want to convert you all to books but I believe there is infinitely more to understand about life, characters, the world, experiences of people, history, future explorations through a book. Reading a short snippet of something on the internet can give you a sense of the topic but through reading a book you can really experience the topic. Watching a movie about teenage high school distractions is very enjoyable but making a friend when you read all the details about a character is so much more complex and longer lasting. I want to share with you an awful lot about that why books should be a bigger part of your life.  I can only begin by introducing myself as a lover of books, a lover of knowledge and most of all a lover of understanding the big wide wonderful world that is not the internet. This is what books are all about and I hope you can take this journey with me as I explore the topics above and offer you snippets of life as a book lover.


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