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Based on many requests and my personal interest, I thought it was time to setup some bookclubs at Books of Buderim. We are calling them Chatter Club’s as we all love a good chat with like minded people. And a book has a lovely way of bringing out conversations that surprise and enrich.

I attend a regular bookclub and it always amazes me the topics that come up based on what the book is about. I find that even a book I am not particularly fond of can create a passionate debate on the style of writing, time and place it’s written in, and the topics raised in the book. I have also widened my normal reading based on the books I have been exposed to through my bookclub. I have read some amazing books that I would have been unlikely to pickup myself but have found I really enjoyed the style of writing.

The two Chatter Clubs we are starting with

New Releases – Tuesday 10 February 2016 at 6pm

and Classics – Monday 22nd February 2016 at 10am

New releases allow you to experience a new author or book that has just been released and has been getting some good reviews. I choose Mercy Street” By Tess Evans. Jenny on Goodreads offered the following review:

A highly enjoyable read allowing the reader time to contemplate and understand each character’s dilemma, even if you didn’t like or agree with the choices they made. A story for our times as Tess Evans highlights sometimes ‘good enough just has to be good enough’ and that maybe we sit in judgement a little to much. Empathy, understanding and common sense is often all that’s required.

I am about to start reading it so I can’t add anything yet but I am looking forward to getting involved in this one. Will Mercy Street draw me in long after I have finished my coffee break, I do hope so…

The second bookclub we are starting is for Classics. This will be for novels you may have read before but it’s been a long time between reads. It will be chosen based on the interests of the group and what is currently in print. There has been a debate on whether Harry Potter is considered a “Classic”. Does a very well read book of the 80’s make it into our Classic list. I’ll leave that up to the group to decide.

Anyway the first book for the Classic’s Chatter Club is ……

The Harp In the South By Ruth Park

The Harp in the South has been described as a nostalgic and moving portrait of the eventful family life of the Darcys of Number Twelve-and-a-Half Plymouth Street in Surry Hills, a Sydney slum. There grow the bitter-sweet first and last loves of Roie Darcy, who becomes a woman too quickly amid the brothels and the razor gangs, the tenements and the sly-grog shops.
Ruth Park is a classic storyteller. In this novel she brings to life a community where, despite the odds, life is always exuberant and full of promise.
(from this Penguin edition’s bookcover blurb)

We hope you enjoy reading these books and come along to the Chatter Clubs. There is no requirement to purchase these books through Books of Buderim, although a 10% discount is offered to all bookclubs.

Books of Buderim's Classic's Book Club

Books of Buderim’s Classic’s Book Club

Chatter Clubs at Books of Buderim

Chatter Clubs at Books of Buderim