Bo Westcott’s Musing: About Doreen Virtue (‘The angel lady’) June 2, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Gifts, Inspiration – Tags: ,


Fans of the amazing and most genuine Doreen Virtue (‘The angel lady’) will enjoy the following tale.

Doreen and her new husband Michael are great animal lovers and spend time rescuing abandoned darlings and caring for them on their property on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  When they reached a family of 33, including goats and miniature horses, they realised they needed to move to be able to expand their animal care activities.

After buying a neighbouring island, the issue arose of how to transport the ‘family’ to their new digs.  Well Doreen thought boat travel would be too stressful, so a friend with a tiny 2-seater plane was called in to help.

I saw footage of the tiny horse happily looking out the plane window on his way to new pastures. Hilarious! The goats, chickens, and many dogs and cats all made the quick trip with great success. So now they have plenty of room to roam and to include  other new residents as well.

As for Doreen’s ‘other’ life as author and teacher…she has found time to release 2 new oracle card decks in the last 6 months.

THE LOVING WORDS OF JESUS deck is pure inspiration. She has chosen all the most nourishing sayings of Jesus and paired them with lovely images of this Master in her own New Age style. Doreen has mentioned that she would like to begin a New Age Christian church based in love, but where unicorns and fairies are welcome. I’ll be joining that!

The other, most recent deck is the BUTTERFLY ORACLE CARDS deck. Harking back to her 1st  deck with only one word or short phrase on each card. The guide book can expand on the message, or you can just use your card choice as a meditation. The illustrations are beautiful photos of many different butterflies on or with flowers and plants. It is very peaceful and aimed at understanding change and transformation.

Available In store at at Books of Buderim, Sunshine Coast.