Local Author Of The Month – Pamela Mariko November 22, 2015 – Posted in: Blog


What happens when a young not-quite-teenager is catapulted into the black hole of grief and loss, in a cold grey city on the edge of the bleak English moors?

…Andrea Hampton is going to break through the north midland gloom and her fog of misery her way. She’ll get young John Lennon look-alike, Brendan James, and lose her virginity. But Andrea hasn’t planned on being a fourteen-year-old mum, or, on the move to London – where life could be fun…

Award winning author Pam Mariko takes the reader on a journey through the ‘dark night of the soul’ to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Red Moon: secrets of a sixties schoolgirl, is a ‘coming of age’ novel, based on the author’s life in the early to mid 1960s, UK: a world of pirate radio, fab songs, Beatles, duke boxes, suspenders and a horse called flash, set against fog and billowing furnaces to final sunshine. This book is an evocation of childhood rebellion, discontent and decisions amidst grief, love and longing.

The manuscript won the Olvar Woods Fellowship Award in 2010 and made semi-finals in The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, 2011.

Panel reviews from the contest:

  • Prose: 5-stars; Very great characterization and pacing.
  • Originality: 5-stars; Pretty sure this is my first teen pregnancy novel this year, and the prose is very original and unusual. I love the M/M/C symbolism and the tarot cards – reminds me a lot of Joanne Harris, and it’s nice to see pagan-friendly literature.
  • …mature, intelligent and a stunning reading experience. It should rank very highly in the Young Adult genre but it is also worthy of an advanced placement in the more coveted General Literature genre. It is fresh, original and compelling. The writing is fluid and mature, showing an extraordinary amount of polish and panache. *
  • I enjoyed it very much and applaud the author!
  • …scenes that could have been melodramatic are instead written deftly with a mix of humor and pathos. Publishers Weekly, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest 2011
  • The pacing and characterization is superb, and the opening is such a strong hook – pregnancy scares and (sarcastic?) threats of suicide, all covered with this wonderfully dry wit. Ana Mardoll, reviewer, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest 2011
  • Author: This book will take some baby boomers down memory lane. Young women who have begun to experience life will immediately access this world, as may some literary or mature young adults. This is because it deals with matters of the heart: death, grief, infatuation, a step-parent, underage sex and the worry of pregnancy in a world with no pill, and no abortion. Red Moon is symbolic of menstruation and coming of age. Chimney columns mirror the pillars of opposites inherent in life’s situations – and within the self. Ultimately, it’s an uplifting story set during a unique time in history.

Pam Mariko was a former business person, travel and property writer. She studied Creative Writing as part of a BA at Griffith University and University of the Sunshine Coast. Interested in the mind and psychology, she went on to study Counselling, which she uses to deepen character complexities.

*Set in the 60s it is not marketed as Young Adult but as general fiction based on real life.