The Answer to finding my path forward September 8, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am an eclectic collector of things to do. Some people collect stamps, clothes, memorabilia and much more. I too collect a little clothes but it’s not what keeps me up at night. I am kept up by ideas that are constantly popping into my head. All of them seem amazing at the time, all of them seem achievable when my brain first embraces them. I am terrible at discerning what is good and what is great. I am so passionate about each idea that I can’t see which one will make the money and which one will just make me tired.


Take my idea about creating the longest book ever. I was so enthusiast, I dropped all the other “important” jobs and I started researching Guinness book records on the longest book, started taking up valuable brain space imagining the children coming into the shop developing their piece of the longest book. I cut out the book pieces in my head, made the posters, gathered up a crowd – in my head. It was exhilarating, exciting and I was hooked. I managed to excite the staff although they know me well enough now to know not all my ideas are keepers.


Then I started to work out the ins and outs of making this wonderful idea happen and realised I almost needed to give the money making part of my business up to make this happen. It would be a lot of work involved to get it done and I knew I couldn’t do it in 3 short weeks with everything else I had on my plate at the moment.


This is also, thankfully when “The Answer” came into my life. I finally had an ‘answer’ for the turmoil I put myself through everyday. This book helped me to identify the goals that are really important to me TODAY. The longest book idea can happen, will happen as a part B or C goal in my life but today I need to focus on my goals in Part A of my life. These are the things to do to make me contented today. This book helped me realise that I can make all these wonderful things happen just not all at the same time, which I am very prone to trying to do. I now have clear goals that my brain is focusing on. It will no longer get muddled up with too many great creative ideas all at once. These ideas need to be acknowledged, written down in my book and then I can move on to creating amazing things in my Goal A space first.


“The Answer” has been my answer for the turmoil of my erratic brain. I believe my business, personal and social life will be transformed with the application of the ideas provided in “The Answer” by Allan and Barbara Pease. Due out in November 2016. Preorder your copy today so you don’t miss out.