28 years and counting, Lonely days no more November 17, 2017 – Posted in: book club, Thoughts

The world can be a lonely place sometimes. I know this from the years I spent between dropping off and waiting for my children to come home from school. How I loved/love the moment they return to the fold and offload all the wonderful things they experienced in a day. But the hours between where empty except for an occasional friendly get together we managed to make with other mothers.


So, I was wonderfully reassured about the world recently and the capability to bring people together through book clubs. I recently had a special gathering of ladies in the store for their annual Book club event. On a quiet Sunday morning, a group of ladies came to the shop to gather together and choose their next year’s books for their book club. What made this such a special group though was the 28 years that they have been coming together for book club and the 21 years that they have been doing a book selection event at a book club. In 28 years, these ladies have moved about but still, they come together. There was only 2 from the Sunshine Coast, the others were mostly from Brisbane. To be a part of this shared gathering of long-term friends was sensational. There was obviously all the personality types of a great group of friends but they understood each other and appreciated each other’s differences.


rachael johns Best selling author talks about bookclubs

Recently I also listened to a podcast by Better Reading with Rachel Johns, Internationally best selling author. Rachel came from a small country town and lived and worked there for many years. For business reasons, she had to move away. Rachel spoke of the wonderful familiarity you receive in a small country town and misses it immensely. Rachel returns once a month for the gathering of her book club, reconnecting with her lost friends and keeping those friendships alive.


We have so many people we interact each day face to face or online, but it’s these discussions we have when we are able to unwind and relax with friends that can be the most fulfilling discussions we participate in. It is never too late to join and offer yourself to a group of people. I believe that a new friendship is as worthwhile as old ones are, especially in this world of travel and movement, our best friends are not always close by for companionship. I have seen friendship blossoms at 65 and 70 years of shared life experiences and interests. The idea of gathering with a love of books is a great shared life experience.


Throw yourself in there, or make an effort to stay on board with your current club as it will be a lifetime of companionship that no other medium can fill.