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1967 was truly a wondrous year in Australia. Wikipedia was helpful is providing a general history of Australia in 1967. Did you know:

On the 3 February – Ronald Ryan becomes the last man hanged in Australia; he was executed for the murder of prison warder George Hodson while escaping from Pentridge Prison on 19 December 1965.[4]

On the 7 February – Black Tuesday in Tasmania – massive bushfires devastate much of the Tasmanian capital of Hobart and surrounding areas.

On the 27 May – Indigenous Australians (technically only the Aboriginal race – see Australian referendum, 1967 (Aboriginals)) are given the right to be counted in the national census after a national referendum and legislation changing citizenship laws.

Kath Walker: an Australian Aboriginal writer and political activist, was an important figure in the campaign for the 1967 abolition of discriminatory sections of the Australian constitution, and the first Aboriginal Australian to publish a book of poetry. Through her political activism in support of conservatism, social justice and Aboriginal rights, Walker played an important role in Australian politics.

 On 29 May – The new Australian 5-dollar note goes into circulation.

 On 1 July – The postcode system of postal address coding is introduced throughout Australia.

 On 27 NovemberSinger John Farnham, then known as Johnny Farnham, releases Sadie (The Cleaning Lady). It was his first Number 1.

On 17 DecemberPrime Minister Harold Holt disappears while swimming in heavy surf at Cheviot Beach, near Portsea, Victoria.

Australia Square Tower, Australia’s first true skyscraper, is completed

Thomas Keneally’s novel Bring Larks and Heroes wins the Miles Franklin Award

Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock is published

And the biggest news of all, at least for us, Books of Buderim was born. As the shop has been through a number of owners in that time I started to think about what the first owner might have experienced in selling books in 1967.

The books being sold as best sellers in 1967 in Australian literature were:

General Books

  • A. Bertram Chandler – Nebula Alert
  • Jon Cleary – The Long Pursuit
  • Kenneth Cook – Tuna
  • Dymphna Cusack – The Sun is Not Enough
  • Catherine Gaskin – Edge of Glass
  • Thomas Keneally – Bring Larks and Heroes
  • Eric Lambert – Hiroshima Reef
  • Joan Lindsay – Picnic at Hanging Rock
  • Tony Morphett – Dynasty
  • Barry Oakley – A Wild Ass of a Man
  • Katharine Susannah Prichard – Subtle Flame
  • Kylie Tennant – Tell Morning This
  • George Turner – The Lame Dog Man

Children’s and Young Adult fiction

  • Hesba Brinsmead – A Sapphire for September
  • Nan Chauncy – Mathinna’s People
  • Mavis Thorpe Clark – Blue Above the Trees
  • Eleanor Spence – The Sitherby Pilgrims
  • Ivan Southall -The Fox Hole and To the Wild Sky
  • Randolph Stow – Midnite : The Story of a Wild Colonial Boy


  • Donald Horne – The Education of Young Donald
  • Lionel Lindsay – Comedy of Life : An Autobiography
  • Robert Menzies – Afternoon Light : Some Memories of Men and Events
  • Bill Scott – Focus on Judith Wright

We’d really love to hear from you if you’ve read any of these books and if you have a favourite. I think the Books of Buderim community should identify a favourite book or 2 to commemorate the 50 years since it was born.