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Events at Books of Buderim

Classics Book club at Books of Buderim near mooloolaba


Held at Books of Buderim

@10.30am on Monday morning on the following dates:

2 July: “The Bookshop” by Penelope Fitzgerald

6 Aug: “Agnes Grey” by Anne Bronte

10th Sep:    “Farenheit 421” by Ray Bradbury

8th Oct:     “Tree of Man” by Patrick White

5th Nov:    “God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy

3rd Dec:  “The Surgeon of Crowthorne” by Simon Winchester

Benefits of joining a Book Club: To expose yourself to some books that you may never have thought to try. I have read some books that I would never have picked off the shelf but loved and learned so much from. \

My reading interests expanded 100 fold after joining a book club and taking on new authors, styles and genres. I didn’t know there were so many interesting books and before the book clubs, The books you read will never be the same or limited after you’ve joined a book club.