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Events at Books of Buderim

Nevermoor Author, Jessica Townsend in Store

Meet Nevermoor Creator, Jessica Townsend

Saturday  October 21 10am-11:00am

Come and meet the inventor of Nevermoor: If you’ve ever felt the alienation of just not fitting in, Nevermoor is going to hit a chord with you. Morrigan Crow is cursed and doomed to die on her 11th birthday on Eventide night. She is blamed for every bit of bad luck and misfortune that plagues the residents of the town of Jackalfax.

After the eventful day, Morrigan is Miraculously alive and possibly no longer cursed, making make a fresh start in Nevermoor.The story is a wonder of ideas, the creation of characters evolve effortlessly and the adventure is there right from the start. A book that all ages will enjoy but children all over will adore.

Jessica Townsend, the author of Nevermoor is a Sunshine Coast Local, previously involved in writing The Australia Zoo wildlife magazine. Come and meet this budding star before the wings of change take her far away and off to greater things. A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet a celebrity in the making.

Giveaways, characters and of course find out what is next for Nevermoor and Jessica Townsend.

Things to do near moolooolaba hosting Aleesah Darlison for Dress up and Fox and Moonbeam

Introducing Fox and Moonbeam Dress up Party

Saturday  November 4 9:30am-10:30am

We are so thrilled to welcome Mademoiselle Rabbit Aleesah Darlison hopping into Books of Buderim to introduce her new book Fox and Moonbeam

Come along and be part of the fun, with fun craft activities, dress-ups parade and of course hear about the adventures of Fox and Moonbeam!

Be part of the colouring competition of Fox and Moonbeam to win an Aleesah Darlison author visit for your school
and a prize book pack of her titles. Colouring sheets in store, print out from here Fox and Moonbeam Colouring in Competition or maybe be available at some school libraries.

Drop in your creation to
Books of Buderim,
or post it below on our facebook page.

Classics Book club at Books of Buderim near mooloolaba


Held at Books of Buderim

@10.30am on Monday morning on the following dates:

9 October: “The Catcher In the Rye”  by JD Salinger


Benefits of joining a Book Club: To expose yourself to some books that you may never have thought to try. I have read some books that I would never have picked off the shelf but loved and learned so much from. \

My reading interests expanded 100 fold after joining a book club and taking on new authors, styles and genres. I didn’t know there were so many interesting books and before the book clubs, The books you read will never be the same or limited after you’ve joined a book club.